Timothy Lee

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Pastor and Mrs. Timothy Lee possess a passion to minister to every person who visits our congregation. This passion was fueled while they traveled as evangelists for eight years together. They visited thirty-three states and twelve countries during their time as evangelists. They witnessed over eight thousand people receive the gift of the Holy Ghost at their revivals, crusades, and conferences. With this background, they experienced a menagerie of cultures, races, and ethnic groups which helped their ministry to expand. They also had the opportunity to preach in some of the largest Pentecostals churches in America. This experience has given them a vision of a thriving Pentecostal church in the city of Cape Girardeau.

Pastor and Mrs. Lee have two wonderful children who love their church. McKenna(16) and Montgomery(13) love going to Sunday School and enjoy all of their many friends they have at church. They are both fun-loving, happy, and energetic children. Pastor Lee's favorite "day off" activity is to spend quality time with his wife and children.

Pastor Lee was able to spend four years of time obtaining his dgree in Theology from Liberty University. Sister Lee received her degree in Communication Disorders from Southeast Missouri State University.


Pastor's Wife\Music Director

Kathy Lee


Worship and music are an integral part of the Pentecostal experience at The Apostolic Promise (TAP) Church. It is an awesome responsibility to help usher in the presence of the Lord into each service.  Being sensitive to the moving of God’s Spirit is the most important job of the music ministry.

There are seven instruments played during the services at The TAP, an organ played by Brittney Peters\Ashley Peters, a piano played by Kathy Lee, lead guitar played by David Whitmore, bass guitar played by Jason Roberts, rythm guitar played by David Peters, drums played by Caleb Shands, and the saxophone\trumpet is played by Kermit Cook.  

We have about 20+ people involved as praise singers who lead the songs during the worship service and altar call.

Our adult choir is highly anointed of the Holy Ghost, and ministers in a phenominal way! We also have a junior and senior sign language choirs, and the Sunday school children have a junior choir.

Various members of our congregation bless us with special songs each Sunday night.

The music department puts on dramas, skits, mini-dramas, and cantatas at various times during the year.

May the Lord bless the music department at the TAP with an even greater anointing in the coming year. Worship sets the stage for the preaching of God’s word which in turn sets the stage for the response to the altar call.

My prayer is that the musicians and singers would be used in an even mightier way during each and every altar service in this coming year. We want to see the Holy Ghost poured out and the supernatural occur at the TAP. To God be the Glory!

Sister Kathy Lee

Assistant Pastor

Wiley Kaufman

Associate Pastor

David Whitmore

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It is both an honor and privilege to serve as Associate Pastor at The Apostolic Promise Church under the leadership of Pastor Timothy Lee! I do not consider being Associate Pastor as a title or position, but a ministry to serve! A ministry I feel God has called me to do!

 I love coming to work and serving Pastor Lee with many task in the everyday and weekly operation of the church. Not only do I love being a servant to Pastor Lee, but also to the people of TAP! It is the greatest feeling in the world to be able to help a member with a question about a church event or special service, make them a copy of a sermon, or to order a supply of bible study so that they can teach someone the word of God.

 It is exciting to be a part of a church that is on the move! Lead by a pastor who has a vision for a revival beyond what the Church of the Living God has never seen!

Youth Pastor

David Peters

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Youth Ministry is a vital ministry at TAP, allowing students to make connections through friendships and fellowship.
Rev. Peters and his wife Brittney are dedicated to each and every young person at TAP Church. They are committed to their success, both in Ministry and outside the church.
Rev. Peters started a local campus ministry on the SEMO campus where they saw a great harvest of over 80 first time guests to church and Bible studies. Of these students, 10 were baptized in Jesus name and 19 received the gift of the Holy Ghost! Students from 10 different countries have even come to experience God with us, and we welcome them all!
After his time in campus ministry, Bro. Peters and his wife accepted the role as Youth Pastor in March of 2017. They are excited to see the growth and excitement that this ministry brings!
Rev. Peters has a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity from Southeast Missouri State University, while his wife continues her degree in Interior Design at Southeast Missouri State University.
They are both highly anointed and highly dedicated to the cause of the kingdom. We are excited to see this ministry grow spiritually in the years to come at The Apostolic Promise Church.


Food Pantry Director

John & Mary Seiler

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John and Mary Seiler were married in 1976 and have 6 children and 3 grandchildren. Mary says the food pantry is a good ministry for her to be involved in for three reasons. 1) She likes food. 2) She enjoys organizing and stocking shelves. 3) "It really makes my day and gets me excited when I am able to give things away to people who need it."
John works hard with Mary and is willing to help with whatever she may need at any moment. They enjoy working together and over the years have developed into a great team.

Outside of the food pantry, John also takes care of the church's fleet of buses and vans. He not only keeps them fueled and ready to go, but if there is a problem with any of them, he is the man to see. If he can't fix it himself, he takes it to a mechanic who can.
The Seilers feel very fortunate and blessed to be able to put their God given talents to work for His kingdom in a wonderful church like The Apostolic Promise under the guidance of Pastor Tim Lee.

   July 2019   
Upcoming Events


Sunday Morning Service
10:00 AM
Worship and the Word for Adults and age appropriate Sunday School For all the children
Sunday Evening Sevice
6:00 PM
Worship and the Word




Bible Study
7:30 PM


Sunday Morning Service
10:00 AM
Worship and the Word for Adults and age appropriate Sunday School For all the children
Sunday Evening Sevice
6:00 PM
Worship and the Word


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