Men's Apostolic Fellowship
Leader: James Hughes

Men’s Apostolic Fellowship

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus! I was asked to write my testimony about what the Men’s Apostolic  Fellowship ministry meant to me. First, I would like to say that it is a honor and privilege to be a part of this ministry, let alone be leading it! I believe in this ministry and I believe in the men of The Apostolic Promise (TAP). We have a great group of men that belong to this ministry and to The Apostolic Promise Church. I also believe that this ministry is a great asset to the men and our church. I know for myself I gain great strength from being a part of this fellowship. I feel like I have learned and grown spiritually from being a part of this ministry. I enjoy the fellowship and strength I gain from the other men as we gather together in unison once a month!

I believe, as the men of The Apostolic Promise, we need to be strong spiritual leaders!!
Bro. Lee recently has been talking to the church about spiritual warfare.
God is looking for mighty MEN OF VALOR to fight in this war!!!!! As the Marines say,  (God) is looking for a Few Good Men. He wants men that are strong and will lead their homes and church in worship, prayer, fasting, and revival in the spiritual battles that we must fight as Christians of the faith! If the men of The Apostolic Promise  will bind together as leaders of this mighty army, I believe He can take us into a never ending revival!!

My vision and goal is for this ministry to create spiritual leaders and warriors. Then for them to develop other spiritual leaders and warriors, as revival blesses us with new souls. I want to see our men to become so strong, as warriors of the faith, that nothing can penetrate the bond that binds us together. I believe that if the men of The Apostolic Promise Church become as strong as they can be and bind together with the other ministries of the church, that we will become a mighty army that is marching forward and will not be defeated!!!! If you are a man of The TAP and are not a part of this powerful ministry, I encourage you to join our ranks and become another link in the chain. I promise, you will not be disappointed!

May God Bless you!!!!!
James Hughes

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