Christian Education Team

The Christian Education team is comprised of many dedicated and diligent Christian leaders. The team consists of Sunday School teachers and Bible Quiz coaches. The Apostolic Promise Church has an excellent venue of child enrichment opportunities for our children. A qualified staff of passionate and loving people are employed on the behalf of our children. We have a staff of over 30 teachers, workers, and coaches that diligently work with our children to help them excel in every area of their lives.

The Christian Education Team provides our children the opportunity to be involved in a very successful Bible Quiz Program. Our teams are acquainted with being ranked with the top teams in the state of Missouri. We presently have five quiz teams which are based on age appropriateness. We also have sign language teams for our children to be involved with. They perform in our Sunday services at different times throughout the year. We have an emerging drama team in our congregation that invites the participation of our children. Throughout the year there are many opportunities presented for children to be involved in extracurricular church activities, such as; Camp meetings, Father-Son camping trips, Block Parties, Junior Choir, Field Trips, Picnics, Game Night at the gym, Quizzing, Sign-language, etc.

Children and their spiritual growth are a top priority at The Apostolic Promise Church.

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