Azusa Street Riders
Leader: Josh Thacker


We are the Cape Girardeau Chapter of the Azusa StreetRiders. 

What sets Azusa StreetRiders apart from every other Christian motorcycle ministry or club in the world? We are bikers of...The Name! And that name is...JESUS! 

Across the globe, nearly 700 Christian motorcycle ministries and clubs have been identified, but ...
Azusa StreetRiders stands ALONE in professing and proclaiming The Name of JESUS!

Azusa StreetRiders was formed in 1999 in Myrtle Beach, SC, as a true Oneness Apostolic outreach to the biker world. We now have members in over half the United States, plus Canada, Australia and the Philippines and missionary-members in Taiwan, Japan and Uruguay.
We profess the plan of salvation found, discussed and practiced in the Book of Acts and supported in the epistles and we encourage all (bikers or not) to recognize and act upon this fundamental tenant of Christianity-Acts 2:38. 

We love fellowship and use our motorcycles as a tools for witnessing. Our soul priority is outreach, but we also have events and fundraisers to support things such as Motorcycles for Missionaries, Veterans, and Tupelo Children's Mansion.





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